Ode To My Left Hand

2019, installation, drawing, object

The Lost Art of Not Belonging
(Lea Rasovszky/ Sasha Bandi)
31.05 - 28.06 ,.2019
Matca Art Space, Cluj,-Napoca, România

A leftover shadow is about to leave me. The taste of some cheap wine, and a drain of light from a party I’ve never been at - these are the surroundings. Sweat has no smell anymore, but it’s somehow present, like an old air from old times past. Then I tend to remember that I used to be smiling. Nothing changed since, but everything stopped. Stiff, laying down, I am listening to the same music on loop in an almost fetishistic way. If i have a wound, what keeps me more alive now, is keeping it alive. And it hurts, but well, it’s like the most lonesome masturbation, you feel pleasure while you weep without making any sound. So obscene. I can still feel that what I am missing the most is alive. Almost like the pain of a missing limb. It became a lifestyle, anyway. While you are here, you are welcome to taste a little bit of it, but while you stay, please spin that disco ball to make it more pleasant.
This could be an imagined setup for the dialogue established between Lea Rasovszky and Sasha Bandi who question in their works the representation of loneliness. They imagine or interpret what is like to be abandoned, different, rejected or isolated, while still trying to fill the void of loneliness either with bursts of self esteem, or distracting actions. What is relevant and most necessary here is the contrast between isolation and it’s almost glamorous way of expressing it, while still being ugly, denied and useless .

Curator: Alexandra Mocan and Matei Toșa