Ode To My Left Hand

2020, installation, drawing, object, text

Ode To My Left Hand
(part of BRUIAJ, 2020, Art Encounters Foundation, curator Diana Marincu)

This project is about the impossibility of doing things wrong if staying on a predictable course. Starting with 2016, I switched from my right hand, trained in fine arts, predictable, trustworthy, to my left hand, never used, wild, incapable of doing things the way I always have, a force with a mind of its own. I was looking to sabotage my usual way of doing things and to set free a more savage side that I had no control over. An ongoing series of drawings started to emerge, am ever growing series, that is an undercurrent to my main projects. These drawing represent me at my purest and unknown self.
It is exactly what it is, it roams freely, it is ill-mannered and unapologetic.
Lea Rasovszky

“The Ode to My Left Hand project focuses on the novel directions that can be opened through self-imposed restrictions, creating uncomfortable situations, overcoming challenges with potentially unexpected results. For Lea Rasovszky, this is a way of severing the invisible ties with the habits instilled during her arts education over a long period of time, a way for the artist to forcefully repress that which habit does not allow you to naturally repress, in order to allow the untrained and uncertain hand to surprise you.“
Maria Orosan-Telea