2012, mixed technique on paper

It seems to be about personal peaks, about mentors that do not exist in their physical form but that manifest themselves as the imaginary characters you share your creative processes with. You are assisted from within; you have conversations without an actual interlocutor. Most of the time you receive discrete answers through subtle trajectory changes or through unexpected conclusions.

Mahler, Jung, Morrissey, the Omniscient Rabbit, recurring characters that only occasionally show the face that makes them recognizable, set in motion fantastic Rude Goldberg type machineries that have pencils or ballpoint pens at the tip.
The ballpoint pen tip contours mountain-like structures that create mentoring conglomerates. They are ìjustifiedî structures as one point/angle generates the other just as a mentor constructs within its disciple peaks and philosophical routes. The mountains are the inner Macro Cosmos.

The human(oid) mentors are the empathic juncture points that justify the bigger and complete mountain of THOUGHT. The mentors are the inner Micro Cosmos.
Iím thinking that conventionally defined mentors do not exist anymore and are extinct characters of a past where mysticism and mysteries needed mediators. Now is the time for subjective interpretation and self-initiation.
The translator is an archetype or like a chewing gum over which we keep adding more, from other packs and with other flavors. The tastes and colors mix and your jaws give in under the pleasant pressure.