Hashimoto Objectified

2018, installation, object, text, readymade

Hashimoto Objectified
(part of I Am At My Most Beautiful When I Am Alone), 2017
here exhibited at Media Art Festival Arad 5th edition: De Rerum Natura, Museum Complex - Natural Science Departament, Arad, Romania, 2018

Inside me lives Hashimoto. He was trying to grow out of me or escape me through a portal just to the right of my jaw. A phantom limb, or a branch, or a set of lips, or a war, was trying to protrude my body, giving me fever and making me feel like a helpless vulcano.
Hashimoto is only a boy, he reminds me of a dear friend who used to be a boy back when we first met. His name is Kyohei. It means soldier.

You might find yourself trapped in a body you might not feel is your own. Who’s to say the beast you nurture within has to follow this rigid exterior?
No one, that’s who.
There is no escaping wanting to escape.

Lea Rasovszky 2017