2009, mixed technique on paper

Maybe you are an adolescent girl that lusts after someone way too much. Images of dreamboys appear riddled with bizarre details, even though you try to fight it. You wish you could forget how they really are and just see them as you desire them to be. Cool guys, who dress well, whose noses are bleeding. Smart guys, that you can actually talk to, with broken necks, held up by medical prosthesis. Lively guys, with initiative and guts,
whose over strained necks bugle with blue veins. Awkward superheroes with beer bellies.
Together they more likely seem to be a pack of mythological creatures. You know you can’t happily get close to them, letting them hold you in their arms. Somehow, I think you know they are not right for you, but you have nothing else at hand. And it would hurt too much to stop, to stop dreaming of them.

Lea Rasovszky’s “Dreamboys” is an ambient composed of a series of ten drawings. Add to this a mirror and a few other objects; together they are suggesting the atmosphere of a girl’s room. The installation brings up deformed affective projections that simultaneously allow the build up the image of the ideal partner but also a harsh take on reality. Girls dream about boys and boys dream about girls. This is how dream boys and girls are born, the sirens and the charmers. Dreamboys, as they’re called in English, cover the walls of the room you spend your time in. You look at them with adoration, in your loneliness.