Ode To My Left Hand

2019, installation, object


We still do not understand emotions as common ground, as meeting places. We need a good cry. A sob that will fix everything. But we have to do it together. It is really not going to work if we both run to our rooms and play our secret depressing music and never ever talk about this. No. We have to face it that we have problems and that we’re in this together. Let’s just be here and allow ourselves this moment of being torn apart together. Of seeing our faces contort into strange grimaces. Let’s be totally unsexy together. I have never seen water coming out of your eyes and I have always wondered what color it is and what it tastes like.
Is it weird that I want to taste your tears?

*first 4 images are from the first showing of Criers (Callosum, Mobius Gallery, 2019, curator Adriana Blidaru), the following 5 are from the second showing, where you can see the evolution of the decay caused by the ongloing flow of tears (BRUIAJ,, Art Encounters Foundation, 2020, curator Diana Marincu)